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LiveJournal for The Rokenman.

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Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Subject:The constant flow of time...
Time:2:31 am.
It has been a supremely odd last year. Starting with a good a trip to europe...leading through these changes at work...and slowly I have been getting back on a good course with my health.

I don't know...I wish things were different, but I have to work with what I have.

Finished The Wheel of Time (after a couple of decades). The last book was a good read, though I expect it would have been better if RJ could have finished it. I know that it has left me unsure of my own plans...but I am going to figure it out eventually.

Lots more to say, but not alot of time (as seems to always be the case)...
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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Subject:Started reading them all again...
Time:3:16 am.
Started reading the Wheel Of Time books from the beginning again. It has been a lot of fun. Even after all the times I have read the books, I still find stuff that I missed. I am just about to start the third book....that having been said...it is killing me knowing that the last book is out there and I am not reading it yet.

Ok...back to the grindstone...
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Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Subject:Sufjan concert
Time:4:59 am.
Took A to the "Surfjohn Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long: Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant on Ice". It was a really great time. There was the brutal cold, and the long long line, but once we got in we found the perfect place for us both. We were on the top left balcony all the way at the front.

They had a giant 'Wheel of Christmas' on the stage. Between his original christmas songs, he would spin the wheel and we would all sing the classics (Jingle Bells, Holy Night, etc...). There were handouts with all the lyrics for everyone.

It was a lot of fun. We all sang about 9 songs, and then he did a ton of original ones. He did Worst Christmas Ever, which made me very happy (as it is one of the greatest song ever made). The regular finale was (as I predicted) Christmas Unicorn. Hearing him, and seeing him, really made the song even better. The playful lyrics told a better story with his facial expressions.

For an encore he played two older songs. One from Michigan, one from Illinoise. It was a good ending!

Oh, and we missed our own inflatable unicorn, but we got a santa (it has a hole...but it is still ours!).

One last note: Are you Santa's Helper, or Santa's Slave (either way you serve him).
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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Subject:Another day for Obama
Time:11:54 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
I still miss Tim Russert. I also hate that I had to go to work tonight. Even though they called it pretty early, it still would have been nice to be parked in front of the TV watching things unfold.

I hope there really is a change these next four years. (see how witty that is...hope and change) I have not been a huge fan of the President these last couple years. I am hoping that we will have a better go at things this time around. One way or another everyone has to pull together and get things done.

Well...back to work...
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Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Time:12:46 am.
Took my boy to the home opener. He got to see RG3's first home game. He got to be there the first time the home team chanted "RG3". It a really great time. We went after I got home from work. We had bought our tickets online, and they were pretty awesome (Section 124, Row 1, Seat 20 and 21). The only one in front of us were the dream seats. We got there early (and scalped a parking pass). We had our own tailgating set up (cause the boy wanted to tailgate). We had two folding chairs and a little table. I had cooked some food to bring along (I had one ice chest with a 500 degree brick wrapped in a towel to keep all the food warm). We ate our hot dogs and talked a lot. The boy learned Hail to the Redskins (and proudly told me that he did not have to watch the screen the last time he sang it). The game was high scoring, which was fun, but the Skins lost...not without some last minute exciting drama. The boy spent most of the day sitting on the wall with me holding him up a bit. It was a really good time. On the way out I bought him a RG3 jersey (for way too much). We went back out and set back up and ate more food (while the traffic died down). On the way back we listened to lots of good music and chatted.

It was great spending the day with the boy.
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Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Time:12:54 am.
Been working a lot more lately. One of my bosses got sent to another building, so I have been covering...

Kids are doing good. K has had a little trouble, but she is recovering. I hope she learned a lesson along the way.

Been getting a lot of wood mulch from the dump. It is really nice stuff, I have gotten 18 truckloads. I have big plans going forward...

Speaking of which, I am going to work on the blueberry garden tomorrow. I even roped my wife in to giving me a hand (it's a two person job). Anyway...the farm keeps moving forward...
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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Subject:Beach, NYC and more...
Time:5:21 am.
Had a nice long vacation. Went to Nags Head with family. This will probably be Tomoye's last trip by himself...next year there will be a baby along! Had lots of good seafood. 23.99 for a hundred clams...we ate several hundred. Lots of crabs (including the ones we caught, and I bled for). We bought a big mahi-mahi. The crispy fried fish skin was the best!

After the trip we took A's mom back home and swung by NYC on the way back. Got more of the best duck ever. Went shopping around Chinatown. Hit some spots in the east village. Got two Luzzo's pizzas on the way out of town. It was a lot of fun (and cool to see the Freedom Tower up so high).

Started my SFGs. Have a lot of work to do on them, though. Now it is back to the grind...

Oh...and W started Kindergarten! Our last one is finally in school!
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Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Subject:Baby Shower...
Time:1:21 am.
Went to R and W's baby shower type thing (you know how it is). Aidan had a lot of fun playing with Lauren. He did, however, have some sort of allergic reaction. His right eye was almost swollen shut (we gave him some medicine, which fixed him right back up).

Ate lots of good sushi. Made a good tomato/mozzarela salad.

All in all it was a good time. Only trouble, is the whole lack of sleep thing. I was able to get one hour...yes...that is right...one hour...I might end up being a little bit tired tonight.

Ok...back to the grindstone...
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Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Subject:Lake day...
Time:11:53 pm.
Spent yesterday at the lake. W and Faolin came down too. We cooked all sorts of yummy food (I loved the ribs...my pigs with Matt's sauce...they rocked). Saw Bob for the first time in a couple years. He brought over a couple bottles of his homemade wine. We drank four, by the time we were done. A caught two fish. Oh, and we had a nice boat ride too.

Anyway...it was a good time.

Ok...back to the grindstone.
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Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Time:11:39 pm.
Spent most of my waking hours helping K paint her room. I have to say, I really like the color she picked. Not big on her trim idea...but we will see. Now all we have to do is wait for her furniture to arrive. Our high schooler will have a nice new room.

Been on a crazy cooking tear as of late. Not so much with different crazy stuff (as I normally like to do), but with keeping all of the stuff we have in the freezers moving. Buying lots of loss leader products works great, if you don't lose things in the back of the freezer. With us buying the way we do, and getting a whole pig every six months or so, it is super important that we keep the ball rolling...and I have!

A and the boy went to yard sales this morning (their saturday tradition this time of year) and got lots of good stuff. A has managed to pick up several large planters recently. I am going to get some herbs growing in one of them, and probably some salad greens in the other.

Ok...back to the grindstone...
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Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Subject:Finished blueberry rows today.
Time:1:52 am.
A and I bought 25 new blueberry bushes this year. We planted all of them in four rows. I set about scraping off the turf all around them and then using leaf mulch to make nice pretty rows. It took several days of work to get it all done...but...it is all done!

We have had a great crop of mulberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Our snow peas or just about done for the year. Anyway...the farm is going just great.

Spent the other night hanging out with Tomoye. He and I ate some great crabs with some sashimi. It was a good night. Might have been a better morning without the scotch...but it was a good time. When I woke up, I took the dogs for a walk, then we went to get some pho.

Anyway...all in all, things are going well.

Oh, quick note, I have the greatest wife ever. She gave me a father's day gift that was unbelievable...
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Monday, June 11th, 2012

Subject:Summer break
Time:4:00 am.
The school year is over and kids are out. K is doing her normal ping-pong routine. Wyatt is enjoying the final bit of his pre-school age time (last kid in to Kindergarten!).

Not too much else to note today.

Ok...back to the grindstone...
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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Subject:Much to do...
Time:11:15 pm.
Worked today, for a little while, on the back of my property. Turns out it is going to be a long process...I just have to keep plugging away at it. Need to finish the blueberry patch first...
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Time:12:04 am.
K went to her first formal...too young if you ask me...but oh well...

Been working on making improvements to my yard that will make my life easier in future years (even at the price of cutting back this year). Still have a lot of work to do...and I need to keep working on my vineyard...

Went to Indian with K and Rebecca the other day. It was fun and tasty.

Not too much else to tell today...
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Friday, June 1st, 2012

Time:1:53 am.
We just got back from Roger's funeral. He was my wife's step-father. Over the years, we stayed with A's mom and him. He visited us once. He was a great guy. He had a subtle humor and a really happy nature. He had been sick for many years, and when the end came, he had a choice and took the best choice. We will all miss him.

One thing stuck in my head from the priest's (I guess he was a monk) sermon during the mass. Looking at the collection of people who had shown up, told him all he needed to know about whether or not God would be letting Roger in heaven...now, you know how I feel (the two or three that read this from time to time) but there is something sweet in this sentiment...any way...we will all miss him.
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Monday, May 28th, 2012

Subject:Still jet lagged...kind of...
Time:6:33 am.
Funniest thing...I have been having the hardest time sleeping ever since my little vacation with A to Europe. I keep having the same dream, and waking from it 2-3 times a night. It is always me worrying over how to get us back home...

Anyway, I think the only way to cure this problem is to go back to europe for a longer vacation and work through my issues...now to see if I can get my wife to go along...
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Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Subject:Europe v6
Time:2:18 am.
Mood: content.
Got back from Europe last week...haven't had time to post. Lets see if I can have a quick recap:

Flew in to Frankfurt with my adorable wife. We got our rental car and drove to her grandmother's home town. Found the church where her great grandparents and great uncle were buried. Ate lots of good food there. Found people that knew her great uncle.

Went to Burg Eltz. It was the coolest castle ever. We had a great time checking it out and hanging there. Went to Trier and saw the black gate (a leftover from roman times). Had a really great dinner at a wine bar there (right beside the church that had the tunic or christ...).

Went to Rothenburg. A really cool medeval town. Almost bought a cuckoo clock...but decided to wait. Had lot of good food throughout our time in Germany.

Dropped off car in Frankfurt and flew out to Rome. Caught train to Naples, then trained to Sorrento (on the horribly crowded local train). Spent four days in Sorrento. Ate lots of good food (especially the Scorpion Fish Pasta), went in the water (in a really odd spot), went to Pompeii and did a tour, just generally hung out.

Took the ferry to Naples, went to the museum with all the great stuff pulled from Pompeii. Ate great pizza. Took train to Rome.

Bus strike in Rome, took cab to Ponto Sisto. Found our place. Went to dinner (though on the quick). Had hectic trip to vatican. Toured the Vatican museum. Really impressed with the Raphael room and the Sistine Chapel (of course). All in all, it was a neat visit. Had tripe pizza afterwards. Next day went to the Coloseum, Palantine Hill and Forum. Tried to go to restaurant again...only to be denied once again. Went to place called Paris instead...and, though a little pricey, it was great! Then we flew back.

It was a good time, and my wife did really well (did miss the kids a little, but that is to be expected). We had a lot of good food. Brought back some good wine, olive oil and vinegar.

Since we have been back we have been hard at work trying to get the yard moving in the right direction. Still have a lot of work to do, but we are getting there. Today my back was a little screwy...hopefully one more day of rest will put me back on the right path.
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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Subject:Bad day
Time:12:14 am.
So...today was an actual bad day. They did not have what I needed at the co op. I stopped at Wegmans on the way home...and forgot to take the stuff out of my car...did I mention it was 88 degrees...and it was there all day. I couldn't sleep well (there is something about happy sunny days which make it harder to sleep during the daytime). I got up and my stock had over-reduced and burned. I did not get as much meat off of the head as I hoped. I dropped stuff, I spilled stuff, things did not cook right. There was a big box of rotted produce I had to deal with...nothing really got done, and that is that...
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Monday, April 16th, 2012

Time:6:46 am.
So...today I out pruning in the vineyard (I am still not sick of saying that). I was, technically, about a week late in doing it...hopefully it will be ok. I am new at this, so I have to learn.

Did a family yardsale trip this weekend. Everyone had a good time. Got a couple cool things.

Not too much else to say...
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Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Subject:This little piggy went to the market...
Time:12:54 am.
Mood: drained.
Took my last big pig off to the butcher. It was the one we were raising for A's friend. It is also the one that I had to wrestle on the side of the road...

All in all, he was a pain in the ass going to the butcher, too. I had to pull over twice in order to resecure the trailer. I have to say that I am looking forward to eating some of this pig. As a matter of fact, I have plans for the ears (as per an earlier promise).

K went to piano practice again today. She is getting better and better. I think I am going to have to find her a keyboard for her to practice on, too.

Aidan and Wyatt are doing great. We have been having a little trouble with the older boy's teacher. She is a little bit laid back. He has been doing something wrong with his word homework all year long, and she just told him now...no note to us, no conversation with him. He has been doing something wrong since September, and she just told him. He was very upset when he got home. When we met with her before, she was very 'they-all-learn-at-their-own-pace-eventually' in her attitude. It seemed a little loose to me...

Ok...back to work...
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